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Let's Explore: Musician Ambassadors
Let's Explore: Musician Ambassadors

A new initiative of the Learning Community and the Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is the Musician Ambassador program.

ISO Education Ambassadors

Indianapolis Symphony musicians are fanning out across the metropolitan area to strengthen school orchestra and band programs and to build lasting relationships with the schools and their music program directors.  This fall, at least thirteen school orchestras have been visited by ISO Education Ambassadors who have coached, given performances, and in some cases offered individual lessons.  So far, twenty-five ISO musicians are volunteering their time and expertise, and more will be joining up as we expand into the band programs.  The musicians are finding much happiness and satisfaction in passing on

Another ISO Epic that was not to be missed - West Side Story
It was announced in the spring of 2012 that the Indianapolis Symphony would include in its upcoming Pops Series three “live” performances of the 1961 classic movie West Side Story, with music by Leonard Bernstein, choreography by Jerome Robbins, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and original book by Arthur Laurents. This was not the first time...

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Santa's Yuletide Blog

When not performing as a member of the ISO cello section, our own Geoffrey Lapin has been know to do a little moonlighting around the Yuletide shows.

The Autumn of Our Discontent - by Bruce Ridge, ICSOM Chairman

In this article ICSOM Chairman and North Carolina Symphony Bassist Bruce Ridge discusses the crisis in arts management and the effect it is having at

VIDEO: Amazing Audience reaction to the 10/7/2012 Concert at the Palladium

"The Musicians Of The ISO at The Palladium In Carmel, showing the management of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra exactly what it is they're ruining


ISO Musicians issue statement of support for musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Musicians were locked out on Sept. 7


(Indianapolis, Ind.)  The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Players Association (ISOPA) issued a statement of support today for the musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO), who were locked out by management on Sept. 7.   


“The Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra would like to express our full support for our colleagues, the Musicians of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 


On September 7, the ASO management locked out the musicians for the second time in as many years upon the expiration of their most recent, deeply concessionary contract.  It is unfortunate that the management of the ASO does not recognize the potential artistic pitfalls their current proposals would create, as explained on the musician’s website.


The epidemic of planned lockouts of the artists who make up our great orchestras is deplorable.  It greatly concerns us that orchestra managers and boards across our country are flocking to a trend that balances their budgets on the backs of musicians.  These actions threaten the very existence of the orchestras we all have worked so hard to build.  In order to preserve the future artistic quality and cultural viability of our nation’s orchestras, these measures must end. 


These lockouts will only serve to solidify and strengthen the community of classical musicians of this country. We have seen it here in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Met – just to name a few. The proud and artistically gifted symphony orchestras of this country have taken decades to grow into the cultural treasures they have become. They must be protected and treated as such now more than ever.  


For more information, please visit and support our colleagues.”


To learn more about the ISO Players Association, please visit